I'm in the Fruity Knitting Podcast!

21:07 Renée 1 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Andrea and Andrew from the Fruity Knitting podcast, asking whether I would like to appear in their "Knitters of the World" segment. As a viewer of the podcast I was absolutely thrilled and - despite my shyness saying NONONO- immediately said yes. Fast forward a couple of weeks later, Fruity Knitting episode 9 is now live, featuring yours truly! I am absolutely amazed by the way they have put the segment together and by their incredibly kind words. It was a truly heartwarming and fun experience. Thank you, Andrew and Andrea!

To watch the episode click Here

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  1. You are adorable! It was wonderful to hear how you got in to knitting because of your love of vintage, and those dutch knitting magazines are just gorgeous, I can totally see why you treasure them!


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